Natural Wool Insulation


TempeX Sheep’s Wool can be installed like any other insulation system. Wool will not only protect your family, but it will also save money because it will reduce your power bill due to its high insulation power. Additionally, you can avoid mold growth because of its ability to manage humidity. It drastically reduces VOCs (harmful off-gassing in your house) which lowers your family’s exposure to harmful environmental toxins. 


TempeX Sheep’s Wool can be used extensively in commercial applications. It can be used as thermal or acoustic high performance insulation. 

Power Bill Saver, Eco-friendly,
Air Purifier and Safe in Fires

TempeX Sheep's Wool by Wool.Life is easy to install as a Do-it-Yourself project,
or it can be installed by a professional.


We make TempeX Sheep’s Wool from 100% New Zealand wool, straight from the farm. This creates a completely natural, renewable product, with no risk of the synthetic contaminants or residues that can occur in recycled wool products. Our Wool Weed & Mulch Mats are truly a Farm-to-Garden product.

TempeX Sheep’s Wool by Wool.Life purifies the air. Its complex fiber structure absorbs and breaks down dangerous volatile organic compounds, such as Formaldehyde, in the atmosphere.  TempeX Sheep’s Wool helps maintain a constant indoor temperature and humidity, which also contributes to maintaining cleaner air.

TempeX Sheep’s Wool by Wool.Life will not maintain a flame at a temperature below 1,200 °F.  It requires more oxygen than is in the air to do so.  It will only smolder and char if exposed to a continuous flame.  Any fumes from burning wool are of very low toxicity, which lead to the claim from London’s Fire Chief, “people are seven times less likely to die in a house fire where wool dominates compared to where synthetics dominate.”

Installing TempeX Sheep’s Wool by Wool.Life is an easy and safe process whether you do it yourself or through a contractor. There is no risk involved in the installation of the product, no toxic off-gassing like spray foam, no boric acid like cellulose and other wool products, and no fiberglass particles suspended in the air.

Our TempeX Sheep’s Wool has an improved insulation value. We have selected a special blend of Sheep’s Wool and Lambswool and innovated a process to achieve the highest real world insulation value possible. This results in significant savings in your energy consumption.

TempeX Sheep’s Wool might feel soft to the touch, but wool fibers have very fine scales, and tiny barbs—which means that slugs and snails go out of their way to avoid them. The composition of our mats is also durable, so that birds can’t scrape the mat away from your garden.

What is the Advantage of TempeX Sheep's Wool

TempeX Sheep’s Wool from Wool.Life is an improved performance Pure Wool Insulation, with an increased thermal insulation value. A major advantage is that TempeX Sheep’s Wool will not maintain a flame and will self-extinguish. This is accomplished without the use of any chemicals, whereas other wool insulation products often need the addition of harmful chemicals such as Boric Acid to pass the flame tests. TempeX Sheep’s Wool by Wool.Life uses a unique processing method of fiber entanglement of both sheep’s and lambswool. TempeX Sheep’s Wool does not contain any harsh chemicals and is the only totally 100% green insulation on the market. When crimped wool fibers are entangled together, they form millions of tiny air pockets which trap air. These tiny pockets are what keep sheep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This natural adaptation works in the same manner to insulate your home or building.

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